Graveyard Ghost Cats - Art Print

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This art print from Shelby Marie features three playful ghost cats that love to cause mischief in the spookiest of places! All three ghost cats haunt graveyards while the moon is full and the breeze leaves you with goosebumps. They’re such trouble makers that even the night’s fearless bats flee when the Graveyard Ghost Cats arrive!

The colours in this print are a perfect addition to fall home decor. With midnight blue hues and dark twisting branches, this print is just right for the season!

Frame this art print and hang it up to add a touch of magic and mischief to your home - also lovely as a unique gift!

All art prints are created from original drawings done by Shelby Marie in her studio, located in Ingersoll, Ontario. Printed on quality matte paper - these art prints are a perfect addition to any home!

This print measures 5” x 7”.