Harvey the Halloween Ghost Cat - Art Print

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This art print from Shelby Marie features a ghost cat on Halloween! This print makes for wonderfully unique Halloween decor!


Harvey was born on Halloween night, 237 years ago! And the story goes like this...⁣⁣
Ghost Cats are permitted to come back and play amongst the living, but only on their birthdays. You see, if they could come back whenever they pleased, they'd cause far too much mischief!⁣⁣

So on All Hallows' Eve, when you witness the light of a lonely jack-o-lantern flickering out, that'll be Harvey, the Halloween Ghost Cat, returning for the night.⁣⁣

Harvey is treated very well on the other side. He gets lots of belly rubs and plenty of treats, but there's something about playing amongst the living that he simply cannot pass up! Plus, Harvey loves to wear festive birthday hats!⁣⁣

All of Harvey's friends, that he makes while spending time on this side of life, delight in bringing him presents to celebrate his special day! They leave candy corn and invite spiders to share the snacks, they leave gifts of feather toys and strings. And Harvey is happy. And this is Halloween, a special night to connect again what once was lost to those who never want to say goodbye.⁣⁣


Frame this art print and hang it up to add a touch of haunted Halloween to your home - also lovely as a unique gift!

All art prints are created from original drawings done by Shelby Marie in her studio, located in Ingersoll, Ontario. Printed on quality matte paper - these art prints are a perfect addition to any home!

This print measures 5” x 7”.

* Frame not included. It is shown as an example of one way to possibly display your new art print.