Scented Teddy Bear - White - Style No. 2

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NOTE: I only have 1 bear left in this style. Please do not order more than that quantity. I can make it into any scent but there is only 1 for me to dip. Thank you!

These handcrafted scented teddy bears from Zomber Writes are fantastic! They're a candle without the flame!

How To Use: Sit your new scented bear on a plate/doily and enjoy! It will fill the room with aroma with no buttons to turn on, no chords, no flame. This is the simplest way to enjoy fragrance all day long.

Coated in 100% pure, natural soy wax and scented with high quality fragrance oil, they add an aroma to any space you need them to!

These scented teddy bears are customizable - you choose your own fragrance!

Comes packaged in cellophane with ribbon. Lovely as a gift! Crafted with care in Ontario, Canada.