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Beasty Wall Plaque - Ruby

Beasty Wall Plaque - Ruby

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This hand painted Beasty wall plaque is perfect for unique home decor!

This piece has an eye catching red border, shining stars, and bright leafy blooms and it would look wonderful displayed all year long! This piece is lightweight so it’s incredibly easy to hang up as well.

The focal point of this piece is the darling little Beasty! Beasties are an original creature created by Shelby. While all Beasties share similar physical traits, a furry coat, sharp claws, and towering antlers, they each have their own personalities! This Beasty believes that kindness can truly save the world so it always smiles bright and it encourages all of the other Beasties it encounters to do the same!

One of a kind! This is the original painting from Shelby and the back of the piece is signed. Order your favourite Beasty wall plaque before it’s gone! Lovingly hand painted in Ontario, Canada. This wall plaque measures 18.6cm tall and 10.8cm wide.

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