To Dance in Stardust - Poetry Book by Shelby Marie

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From Canadian poet Shelby Marie comes a timelessly enchanting and hauntingly beautiful poetry collection about falling for the right person at the wrong time. It asks us the question - is it worth fighting through our pain to rekindle that love when the time is right?

To Dance in Stardust is a story of soulmates, a discovery of whether love can truly be reason enough to conquer our fears, to cast aside our doubt, and undeniably vanquish our darkness.

Vivid and imaginative, with ethereal illustrations that spark feelings of wonder and delight, this enthralling story of courage and hope will forever hold a piece of your heart.

This book comes printed in colour. Please note that orders containing only books will be sent as regular mail without tracking. If you purchase more than one book they may come separate envelopes.

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